From energy-saving advancements like CFL and LED technology to the inclusion of Wi-Fi for added control, the light bulb continues to reinvent itself. And when the latest creation from Avantconcept finally goes live on Kickstarter, we'll see the traditional bulb take yet another step forward.

AirBulb is not unlike other recently-released smart bulbs in that it uses LED technology. In conjunction with an app for Android and iOS, AirBulb users can adjust the brightness and color temperature of the unit from their mobile device. But where AirBulb differs is in the fact that it also includes a small integrated Bluetooth speaker.

Users can stream their favorite tunes directly to the bulb from their handset or tablet. There's no complicated setup process or wiring as everything is contained within the bulb. Simply screw the AirBulb into a standard E27 socket, download the app and you're off to the races. Each unit is able to communicate with others to prevent delayed playback or unwanted echoes.

One shouldn't expect audiophile-quality sound from such a setup but if you're after a simple solution to add music to a room without having to introduce a gaudy speaker dock, this could be worth a look.

AirBulb isn't the first speaker-in-a-light bulb solution to come down the pipeline as the StriimLight from AwoX essentially does the same thing. But the AirBulb will be a bit cheaper at around $60 versus the $99 that AwoX is asking for and it also relies on your mobile device for control instead of yet another remote like the StrimmLight.