3D printers are seriously cool gadgets and while the cost of ownership has come down considerably in recent memory, a decent setup can still easily cost as much as a well-equipped desktop PC. That's why when a consumer 3D printer called The Micro hit Kickstarter a few days ago at bargain basement pricing, it was sure to attract plenty of attention.

That last bit about attracting attention proved to be a significant understatement. The project was originally seeking to raise $50,000 but has already amassed more than $2.3 million from backers. What's more, there's still 25 days left in the campaign.

Early backers were able to secure a pre-order for just $199 although every unit at that price point has already been spoken for. The same can be said about the next batch priced at $249 and as of writing, there are less than 700 printers available for $299. If you want one at that price, you better act fast.

If you aren't up to speed, the printer promises to be incredibly intuitive, easy to own and seamless by design. It just works right out of the box - plug it in, download of create a model and press print.

The 2.2-pound machine features auto leveling and auto calibration and is more power efficient than other devices already on the market. The software comes preloaded with a library of printable designs should you want to get started right away.

It'll be available in five different colors with an estimated delivery date of August 2014.