It's a common occurrence in the social networking realm - you follow / friend a relative, co-worker or someone you just met at a bar but soon after, you're regretting the decision. Perhaps they ramble too much or don't share the same views on certain topics as you do.

Whatever the reason, their posts drive you mad but you can't bring yourself to unfollow them as doing so might lead to awkwardness among friends, create a rift in the family or be bad for business.

Some sites like Facebook allow you to hide posts from such people but others, like Twitter, offer no such option (unless you're using a third-party app like Tweetbot). Fortunately, the microblogging platform is now said to be testing a mute option in its official Twitter app

According to multiple reports, some users are now seeing the mute option in both Android and iOS versions of the company's main app. The functionality is pretty basic - you simply won't be subjected to tweets and retweets from those you've muted and they'll be none the wiser. At this point, however, the feature is ineffective in blocking direct messages or notifications via tagging.

There's no indication at this point if muting will be added as a feature for all or if Twitter is simply testing it in the wild with a select group of users. The company declined to comment on the matter when probed by PCMag.