End-to-end encryption of emails is one of the better ways to ensure your communications remain private (for the most part) and now Google is introducing a new and simple way to secure your emails. A task normally done with advanced encryption tools like PGP and GnuPG, a new Chrome browser add-on Google is developing will allow just about anyone to get a further level of encryption on emails than what is already offered in most situations.

The Chrome extension, called "End-to-End" works about as easily as most add-ons found for Google's browser. "End-To-End is a Chrome extension that helps you encrypt, decrypt, digital sign, and verify signed messages within the browser using OpenPGP," reads Google's description of the extension. After a quick installation process to ensure the extension is enabled, all further web based emails will contain the deeper level of encryption. While likely not needed, it should be said that tools like End-to-End are not 100% secure, but rather heighten the level in which your private communications remain that way.

Keep in mind the new Google privacy extension is still in alpha so there are likely bugs and things of that nature still present. Having said that, those interested can opt in for free and give the new stealth email encryptor a try. The company said that once the tool "is ready for primetime," it will be made available in the Chrome Web Store. 

(Image via Shutterstock)