One of the things SilverStone was showing at Computex 2014, their pumpless liquid cooling solution, I’ve already talked about. But the company known for its cases had some new models on show, two of which caught my eye in particular.

The SG13, seen above, is a small form factor case constructed of steel, with a plastic front panel, that takes a mini ITX motherboard. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of SilverStone’s higher-end small form factor cases, for example there’s no external 5.25” drive bay and only one spot for a fan, but it’ll cost just $30 when it hits the market shortly.

Another case SilverStone showed me was the DS380 NAS-like chassis, which we reviewed on TechSpot yesterday. For someone with a home server HTPC combination system, this case is pretty much exactly what I’m looking for.

The other case I wanted to highlight from SilverStone was a prototype, and the largest case the company has made. It’s a huge cube with a unique internal design: a slanted panel on the left hand side creates positive pressure as the fans on the bottom draw air in before it’s vented out of the top.

The motherboard is mounted in such a way that the I/O ports are also on the top, and there’s a set of hot-swappable drive bays hidden on the right hand side, as well as space below them for many 2.5” SSDs. The case can easily hold a massive PSU plus two AMD Radeon R9 295X2s and their liquid cooling loops, with a secondary tray above the bottom fans providing mounting points.

SIlverStone tells me they’re still tweaking this case based on feedback from potential buyers, and they hope to get a model out on the market at the end of the year.

Other things SilverStone had at their booth included the smallest 600W PSU available, using the SFX form factor for small cases, and a set of new fans designed for quiet operation.