Bethesda on Tuesday published a teaser trailer for the next release in the storied Doom franchise. The clip doesn't reveal too much about the game although the publisher promises a proper unveiling will take place at QuakeCon 2014 next month in Dallas.

The clip's narrator discusses how we were on the edge of discovery as it relates to a powerful technology with infinite possibilities but as is often the case in the video game universe, humanity screwed it all up and everything went to hell.

The obvious takeaway from the video is that the game looks to be creepier and more hellish than ever. As the briefing unfolds, a Cyberdemon is slowly revealed but perhaps even more interesting is the (tentative?) name of the game. Not Doom 4, but simply Doom. I suppose that's a fitting title for a complete reboot of the franchise.

This will be the first Doom game since the 2004 release of Doom 3. Production on the game originally started in 2008 but everything was scrapped in late 2011 because, according to id Software's Tim Willits, the game simply didn't feel like Doom and they weren't prepared to release it in that state.

Earlier this year, Bethesda announced that anyone who pre-ordered Wolfenstein: The New Order would get beta access to the new Doom game. The New Order was released on May 20.

My only concern at this point is whether or not Doom will be the same without John Carmack on board. He resigned from id Software last November to work full-time with Oculus VR. It's highly likely that he contributed to the project for years but will his absence be evident in the final product?