Oculus VR developers, listen up. If you've pre-ordered the latest Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 and plan to make a quick buck by reselling it on eBay for a higher price before it ships your way, think again. Oculus VR is watching and if they catch you in the act, they'll cancel your order.

As noted in a report from TechCrunch, a member of the Oculus VR forum created a thread in which he pointed to an eBay user with multiple listings for his pre-ordered Rift DK2 kit. As another member noted, it's against eBay's rules to post an item for sale that's more than 30 days from being in the seller's hands.

A few days later, a member of the Oculus VR team responded to the thread saying they found the guy's order and cancelled it. The Oculus community manager, who goes by the name cybereality, said they don't allow resale of the development kit. What's more, they also don't provide warranty support on second-hand sales so in the event you do purchase a "used" model, you're on your own if it breaks.

The same information can also be found in the FAQ on the Oculus website.

Just to clear up any confusion, Oculus' customer service lead explained in a separate thread that the information from eBay alone wasn't enough to take action. The team conducted their own investigation with tools at their disposal to make sure there wasn't a false positive.

Either way, it sounds like a slippery slope for all involved. Do you think Oculus is in the right for cancelling such pre-orders?