A developer has created a way to hack Google's Chromecast device, hijack its connection and blast that Rick Astley video we all know and love (or any other media) on infinite loop across your big screen. Dan Petro has built what he calls the Rickmote, a small, Raspberry Pi based device designed to take-over near by Chromecast adapters. Once engaged, it simply bombards the Chromecast with WiFi disconnection requests, making it vulnerable to the effects of Rickmote.

There likely isn't much to worry about here, considering devices like the Rickmote would need to be in range of the WiFi connection a Chromecast is on. However, some reports suggest fixes for this type of hack likely won't happen due to the effect it might have on the Chromecast's ease of use, so hopefully more malicious pranksters don't find a way to get a longer range from devices like the Rickmote. At least at this point, if someone hijacks your big screen and Rick Astley appears, its someone close by. 

It takes a few seconds before Rick's infamous YouTube video for Never Gonna Give You Up appears, so you'll have just enough time to mute your sound system and go on the hunt for the near by prankster.

You can check out Petro's Rickmote demonstration in the video below: