Thailand's Board of Film and Video Censors has banned publisher Kalypso Media from releasing their latest title, Tropico 5, in the country. Apparently the game contains scenarios which are too similar to and therefore "not appropriate" for the current political situation in Thailand.

For those who aren't aware, Thailand's caretaker government was overthrown in May 2014 by the Royal Thai Armed Forces, who established a military junta in the Southeast Asian nation. According to Tropico 5's Thai distributor, the new government is worried that the game "might affect peace and order in the country."

Tropico 5 is a simulator that places you in the role of an island nation's dictator, El Presidente. With you at the helm you can manage the nation through constructing buildings and creating your own set of rules, potentially resulting in a tough junta-like regime.

While the previous games in the Tropico series were released as normal in Thailand, it's possible that an expansion to Tropico 4 lead to the most recent release getting banned. The Junta Military DLC sets a scene similar to Thailand's current situation, letting you "build a militaristic society while under pressure from pesky rebels".

Thailand's military junta has been extremely strict on what its citizens can say or do in relation to the takeover. The government cracked down on any criticism of the coup, even temporarily blocking Facebook access in the nation to cull online protests. It comes as no surprise that the junta has now banned a dictator-simulator video game under the premise of keeping the peace.