If you've been struggling to entertain yourself without the addictive greatness of Flappy Bird, you won't have to wait too long for something new to try. According to Touch Arcade, a sequel to the extremely popular game, called Swing Copters, will be released on August 21st.

As seen in the video above, Swing Copters is pretty similar to Flappy Bird. You take control of a guy with a helicopter hat as he swings wildly from side to side while he flies upwards, tapping on the display to change direction. As you progress up through gaps in green beams, ridiculous swinging hammers attempt to knock you out of the sky.

Like Flappy Bird, Swing Copters is also extremely difficult, with more moving elements than its predecessor. The guy from Touch Arcade barely manages to register a score of five in the demo he gives above, although with some practice you will surely be able to do better.

Swing Copters will be released as a free game with ads, although if you want to give creator Dong Nguyen a quick buck, you'll be able to remove the ads through a $0.99 in-app purchase. As for now the game is confirmed for launch on iOS, but it'll likely turn up on Android as well.

The original Flappy Bird was removed from mobile app stores after Nguyen became overwhelmed with the game's success, raking in over $50,000 a day in ad revenue. If Swing Copters can garner the same hype as Flappy Bird, he might once again find himself with an extremely successful mobile title. If you want to give Flappy Bird a try just head here.