In the fast-paced world of technology, square and rectangular smartwatch faces are yesterday's news. Renders of Motorola's upcoming Moto 360 smartwatch have seemingly convinced everyone that round is in. That said, Samsung is the latest company rumored to be working on a smartwatch with a circular watch face.

According to a new report from Sam Mobile, Samsung's round display smartwatch will be their official answer to the Moto 360 and LG's upcoming circular wristwatch. It's unclear at this hour whether the device will ship running Android Wear or Tizen nor do we have a solid idea of when we can expect to see it debut.

The publication said it was currently under development and they're guessing it'll arrive a few months after the Galaxy Note 4.

What we can expect to see at next month's Unpacked event, however, is a SIM-enabled version of the Gear 2 Solo. As you know, current iterations of Samsung's smartwatch require a connection to a Galaxy device in order to live up to their full potential.

That restriction would be lifted if the watch had its own SIM card but then again, you might be looking at yet another monthly bill for an Internet-connected device. Convincing customers to fork over a monthly service fee could be a tough sell for Samsung.

Next month's event is also expected to deliver Samsung's latest phablet, the Galaxy Note 4. Once again, it's shaping up to be a busy holiday season for Sammy.