Apple's long-rumored 12-inch MacBook Air captured headlines earlier this month when Jack March reported the device would arrive in iPhone-esque color schemes next year. March, formerly of A Tech Website, recently published a follow-up report with even more details regarding Apple's upcoming ultra-slim notebook.

As March outlines on his new site, the 12-incher will have a noticeably thinner design. To accomplish this, Apple may have to sacrifice the standard USB port in favor of a reversible USB Type C connector. If true, one would assume that Apple would include an adapter for backwards compatibility.

What's more, Apple is said to be going with a fanless design for an even thinner profile. Again, one would assume the Air would be equipped with Intel's Broadwell chip to pull off this engineering feat.

Elsewhere, the source also notes the MagSafe magnetically-attached power connector could be replaced with a different charging method. Apple apparently hasn't decided one way or another on this, however.

The bezels surrounding the display will be noticeably thinner, much like the current MacBook Pro Retina line. The area around the keyboard, meanwhile, is being reduced so that there's almost no space on the sides while the speaker is being moved above the keyboard and will be visible.

The source didn't provide any further details as to not give away his / her identity, March said.

As predicted in his original post, March claims the new machines will arrive by the middle of next year.