Google's search results have evolved in the past few years to include additional data via its Knowledge Graph and other sources. Recently the search giant was spotted testing out a new feature that added additional information to search results, and now the company has made it official in the form of Structured Snippets.

The snippets appear alongside individual search results and contain short, point form facts pertaining to the query. The Nikon camera search seen in the image below comes back with key facts right in-line with the typical links like resolution, display size and weight. Where as a search for superman, for example, will currently come back with information on the creator and first appearance of the character among other things. 

While the feature is now live, it appears that which facts shown change depending on the search term and only some terms will come back with results containing Structured Snippets.

In a recent Google Research Blog post, the company says up to four highly ranked and relevant facts can be displayed with Structured Snippets at this time. It goes on to say the feature is still in its infancy and that fact quality will vary, but enhancements are continually being made to the relevancy and accuracy of the information displayed.