One of the year’s most anticipated games launched yesterday but based on a wealth of feedback from disgruntled gamers, Ubisoft may have rushed it to market before it was ready. I’m of course referring to Assassin’s Creed Unity and if you’ve had a chance to play it, you might be able to relate.

There’s no shortage of complaints and examples of poor performance in the latest installment of the popular franchise. As shown in the clip below from YouTuber ZeroX03 Gaming, an act as simple as maneuvering about a wall inside a church on the PlayStation 4 version of the game causes obvious stuttering.

Several others have taken to Reddit to voice their concerns. Merkwerk believes the game is nowhere close to being locked at 30 fps and instead feels like it’s running in the mid-20s most of the time. The Reddit user even said it has dipped way below that a couple of times.

The problems aren’t limited to the PlayStation 4 version, either. Redditor unvirable says the Xbox One version is really running sub-30 fps which makes it unplayable while YouTube user TotalBiscuit adds that the PC version includes glitchy lighting, killer pop-in and just a general mass of bugs.

Have you had a chance to play Unity yet? If so, what do you think so far? Are you experiencing the same sort of frame rate dips and overall poor performance as others? Let us know in the comments sections below.