Just a few months after Uber launched its corporate car service Uber for Business, Lyft has followed suit with Lyft for Work, a service the ridesharing startup says allows companies to pay for work-related transportation.

Once signed up for the service, companies can issue employees a monthly credit balance that can be applied exclusively to rides to and from the office, an event location, and even certain public transit stops. Individual credit codes can also be issued for recruiting candidates to get to and from an interview.

Credits are also customizable through geofencing and time restriction capabilities, which means, for example, a company can choose to create credits that can only be applied to rides from the office after a particular time.

Issued credits appear in employees' Lyft accounts at the beginning of each month, and companies pay for usage when the month ends. An important point worth noting is that Lyft invoices companies only for the credits used, not the total credits allocated.

"Imagine if that 80% of people filled the seats in their cars through Lyft --- we could eliminate rush hour congestion, drastically reduce travel time and make the commute more enjoyable", the company said in a blog post.

Around 29 companies, including Yelp, Stripe, Postmates, Thumbtack, and others, have reportedly signed up for the service, which is being rolled out in all of Lyft's markets in the US. The company says it will be announcing more partners in the near future.

Update: It was stated before that Adobe had signed up for Lyft's new program, that is not the case.