Fresh out of CES 2015, movie media app Plex has announced some new music features coming to its platform. Already a popular organization/hub option for movies, TV shows and other video content, a host of new features is coming to the multi-platform app specifically tied to your music catalogue.

Plex will be able to identify and organize music as it is being uploaded offering a series of smart options similar to what is found on services like iTunes, Spotify and Pandora. It will use the same Gracenote system to identify tracks Apple uses with iTunes, along with a handy auto playlist feature based on a series of criteria like mood and genre. Beyond that, Plex has also partnered up with Vevo to offer high quality music video streaming directly via the Plex apps.

Many of these features are found on a series of other services, and aren't singularly all that impressive. But it is the unified nature of the powerful Plex app to handle both video and audio within an ecosystem already enjoyed by so many. As previously mentioned, Plex is on just about every platform including iOS, Android and Windows Phone, not to mention PlayStation, Xbox, Roku streaming boxes, Chromecast and Amazon's new Fire TV streamer. While certainly not a groundbreaking advancement, there aren't a whole lot of other apps out there that will handle both your video and audio so comfortably.

So far there is no specific date on when the new audio functionality will be come available, but we are expecting to see updated begin to roll out in the new few weeks.