Android game console maker Ouya has been searching for a buyer for quite some time now. Sources familiar with the matter claimed last week that Razer was in active discussion to buy the firm and now, it's all but officially confirmed.

Ouya financial advisor Mesa Global recently spilled the beans on its website under the "transactions" tab. The reference has since been removed but not before Engadget managed to snag a screenshot. Terms of the acquisition remain unknown but given the premature posting, this is a done deal.

When contacted about the matter last week, Razer did its best to avoid the question. The company said it has always been supportive of Ouya and in particular their work toward building an open platform for Android gaming in the living room and the empowerment of developers around the world.

The spokesperson naturally followed that up by saying they do not comment on speculation or rumors.

Razer was likely saving the announcement for E3 but can now thank Mesa Global for taking the wind out of its sails.

Despite its success on Kickstarter, being an early adopter ultimately proved to be too difficult a task for Ouya. The idea of a console for Android games has spawned a number of me-too devices, even one from Razer called the Forge TV.

With the acquisition, one can only assume that Razer will use Ouya's intellectual property to boost the usefulness of its existing home console.