Samsung is reportedly planning to launch several more smartphones powered by its Tizen operating system across multiple price points this year according to a person familiar with the matter as reported by Reuters.

The source said the phones would target a range of price points but failed to give any specifics due to the sensitivity of the matter.

If you recall, Samsung launched its first Tizen-powered smartphone in India early this year. The Korean electronics giant has already sold one million Z1s and according to market monitor Counterpoint, it was the best-selling smartphone in Bangladesh from January through March.

Tizen has been a long time in the making. Samsung handed out prototype Tizen handsets to developers way back in 2012 with the first wave of devices expected to arrive in the second half of the year, a date that came and went. In early 2013, Samsung released the NX300 mirrorless camera which ran Tizen (albeit hidden behind a custom interface to look like previous camera UIs).

The Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches hit the scene in April 2014 as the first consumer devices touted as running Tizen. The Linux-based OS will also power Samsung’s entire smart TV lineup this year.

Rumors of a high-end Tizen smartphone from Samsung persist but to date, we haven’t yet seen such a device materialize. In face, we probably won’t see a flagship until Tizen has attracted enough developer support to build a proper app ecosystem.