There is some serious concern being raised over recent government proposals to regulate communication encryption. A group of top computer scientists and cryptographers are coming together to warn about the dangers of such an initiative. While government authorities argue that it only allows terrorist groups and other malicious attackers sanctuary to conduct operations, the consortium of independent experts seem to think just the opposite.

Not unlike what we have seen the past, British Prime Minister David Cameron made a proposal calling for the ban of hard encryption based on terrorist related issues. However, a new report from the group of experts suggests it could completely destroy the internet as we know it.

It states that not only have government authorities ill-explained how they intend to do this, but that such a change is likely to create “unanticipated” and “hard-to detect” security flaws elsewhere.

While we are yet to hear what US authorities have to say on the matter in detail, it appears the anti-encryption movement will have some allies in FBI director James Comey and US deputy attorney Sally Quillan Yates. Back in 1997, during the Clinton era, federal authorities proposed to regulate hard-encryption in the US, but in the end it was turned away based on consultation from many of the same experts speaking up today.

Only time will tell as to whether or not Cameron’s proposal will hold any weight, but you can rest assured the independent consortium won’t go down without a fight.

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