In the late aughts Facebook was still new to high schoolers like me, and notes were the cooler version of email. Friends would write notes and then tag me, and I'd respond with my own totally interesting list of facts.

After reading a post on The Next Web about a possible revival of the ancient Facebook feature, I looked through my notes and laughed. One was "The 16 Fact Lowdown" and another was simply "twenty-five." Highlights include: 3. Toys R Us is my least liked store. I absolutely hate shopping there. 9. I really, really do not like opening my eyes underwater." And the surprisingly aware: "16. I believe the epidemic of this generation is TMI...which would beg the question why I'm doing this survey thing....but...." Riveting stuff.

Fast forward to today, yes I still don't like Toys R Us, but that's beside the point. Some Facebook users have been given an updated version of Notes that looks a lot like Medium, everyone's favorite minimalist storytelling site. Facebook told The Next Web that they're testing a different approach to Notes that they hope will encourage people to write and share long form posts in-house, rather than on other blogging platforms.

The new approach they're testing includes large cover photos, user tagging, photo resizing, links and hashtags, and the same sharing options as regular posts.

A commenter also pointed out that designers behind the first version of Medium recently joined Facebook, so that could explain the visual similarities.

Now excuse me as I go delete those old notes before they ever see the light of day again.