One company made moving large files between your computer and smartphone via the same Wi-Fi connection easier back in June with the app Portal, but just for Android users. Now Apple device owners can use it too.

In an announcement on their blog yesterday, Pushbullet explained that their app is a better alternative to Apple's AirDrop because there are no limits on how many files, or their size. Portal also doesn't eat up your data plan because it relies on your Wi-Fi to transfer the files.

Portal isn't the first useful tool to come from Pushbullet, but it is the most advanced. An earlier app could move notifications, links and files between your devices, but didn't require those devices to be on the same Wi-Fi network. In some instances, that's a plus, but it also set limitations on the size and number of files that could be transferred.

On both Android and iOS, the app uses QR codes to initiate the file transfers. Once the app is downloaded and installed, you visit their website and scan the code on the screen using the app. After that, it's as simple as dragging a file from your computer to your web browser to transfer it to your mobile device. Files are organized the same way they were transferred, and they maintain their folder structure.

The app is free and the files you move aren't stored on Pushbullet's servers. And if you're worried about transferring big files, Pushbullet says they tested their app with files 1GB and larger, as well as with numerous smaller files before the launch.