Google's OnHub router was already an attractive piece of hardware (comparatively speaking, of course). Now, the search giant is inviting owners of its router to spruce up the device with the launch of interchangeable shells now on sale in the Google Store.

Google is currently offering three different shells for the TP-Link router. From what I gather, the only difference between each shell is the aesthetics / finish. The black and silver shell as well as the white and gold model retail for $29 each and are available as of writing. The bamboo finish shell (my personal favorite) is listed as coming soon with a price of $39.

In the event none of these shells interest you, Google encourages you to design your own. The company has launched OnHub Makers, an online gallery showcasing what some of the world's most creative minds came up with when given a shell to customize.

Should you decide to craft your own, a good starting place may be the Maker Packet which includes instructions on how to download the 3D files needed to print your own.

The search giant unveiled its first OnHub device this past August before revealing a second model with a slightly different design from Asus in October. Both devices feature a more modern, cylindrical-shaped design that's meant to be put right out in the open versus hidden behind furniture or your television (thus degrading its signal).

Pricing starts at $199.99 for the OnHub from TP-Link.