With Microsoft's $3000 HoloLens developer kit shipping on March 30, the company has just announced a new app for its augmented reality device that shows off its mixed reality capture feature.

Actiongram is described as an app that lets people without 3D and visual effects skills to create and record holographic stories. Users can select 3D models from a library and create videos of people interacting with them.

"Actiongram allows people to create videos with holograms and advanced visual effects that would normally require expensive software and years of experience to do," wrote Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda.

In addition to various characters like zombies and dinosaurs, the app library contains a number of tools, actors, and props that can be inserted into scenes. While there seems to be plenty of actions these virtual objects can perform, it's unclear exactly how much users' will be able to control what they do. It is possible, however, to record dialogue, as seen in the slightly weird Teddy Roosevelt video below.

Built by five people in about six months, Actiongram was designed as a way of showing off some of the HoloLens' abilities, as well as proving that high-quality apps can be created for the platform using small teams.

Microsoft has been testing the application in a closed beta program and has shown off some of the videos that users have produced. Admittedly, their quality levels vary, but it's still pretty impressive considering that most of them were created quite quickly by people who have no experience with this sort of thing.

Check out some of the videos below.