When it comes to smartphone integration, and smart features in general, it seems vehicles with four or more wheels get preference over their two-wheel counterparts. But a new concept from the Italian subsidiaries of Samsung and Yamaha could change this trend by bringing smart windshields to motorbikes and scooters.

The idea is to produce a transparent screen that sits at the bottom of a motorbike's windshield. It connects to a smartphone via Wi-Fi, and will be able to display information such as incoming calls, emails, and messages, as well as notifications from social media sites and navigation instructions.

Only a small amount of information is displayed, such as a sender's name and the time, rather than an entire text message or email. It'll also be possible for the device to send automatic responses to people who call or text, informing them that the person they're trying to contact is driving.

Even though this concept sounds like it will be an unnecessary distraction for riders, Yamaha Italia says it could actually reduce distractions while driving. Two-wheeled vehicles are popular in Italy, especially among younger people. Considering that nearly a quarter of the country's 18 to 24-year-olds use smartphones while on motorbikes, removing the need to physically take out the devices while driving could save lives.

Being a concept, there's no guarantee that the smart windshield will ever become a reality. The idea's certainly splitting opinions already, but since there's no way to completely stop people from using smartphones on motorbikes, this may end up becoming a useful product.