Oscar Wilde once said well over a century ago that life imitates art far more than art imitates life. Examples of this philosophical position are evident to this very day as one athletic YouTube user recently proved.

In Nintendo’s hit mobile game Super Mario Run, players are tasked with controlling everyone’s favorite plumber as he auto-runs his way through multiple levels in search of specially-marked coins. Mario’s abilities may seem a bit exaggerated – it’s a video game, after all – but upon closer inspection, you begin to realize that many of the maneuvers he pulls off aren’t that far-fetched.

As YouTuber devinsupertramp demonstrates in the clip above, Super Mario Run borrows heavily from the world of parkour (as did Mirror’s Edge before it).

In this real-world short directed by Devin Graham, we see Mario (Calen Chan) bouncing, climbing, rolling and flipping his way through multiple settings as he races to rescue Princess Peach (Megan Graham) from a gang of Shy Guys driving a Jeep Renegade.

As you'll see, however, the princess is more than capable of fighting her own battles.

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