We've seen plenty of examples of programs running on devices they weren't meant to appear on. More often than not, it's Doom (or Doom 2) being played on everything from a printer to a single keyboard key to a Porsche 911. But the latest instance of weird porting involves the installation of Windows XP on an iPhone 7 - all without having to jailbreak the handset.

YouTube channel Hacking Jules has posted a video showing Microsoft's old OS running on Apple's latest smartphone. Such sorcery is achieved by side-loading an app through Xcode and running an emulator called iBox.

All the required files and an explanation of how install Windows XP can be found on GitHub. But be warned: it's no simple task, to say the least - having some knowledge of C or C++ helps. And at the end of the day, it's really nothing more than a party trick, albeit a pretty cool one (though that may depend on the kind of parties you attend).

Even with the iPhone 7's fairly beefy hardware, you're not going to be able to do very much in Windows due to the amount of power used up by the emulator. Even solitaire is out of reach, but at least you can have some fun with the calculator...

Maybe with a lot of tweaking, someone could get Doom working on a version of Windows XP that's running on an iPhone 7. Now that would be very impressive.