After months of concern from security experts, the White House social media director has reported that President Donald Trump has switched over to a new iPhone. He had previously been using an unsecured Android device, to the dismay of his advisers and other politicians.

It was believed that Trump dumped his old phone after his inauguration, but subsequent tweets revealed that this was not the case. Members of Congress also submitted complaints requesting an investigation into the Android phone. Recent tweets from the @POTUS account have been marked as sent from iPhone, and Scavino's announcement today confirms this.

The choice of an iPhone is surprising given Apple's stance and Trump's past calls for a boycott. The President is one of the largest targets for hackers, so security at this level is always preferred even if it means putting old grudges to rest. For a historical reference, former President Barack Obama chose a "3-year-old's play phone" that couldn't take photos, play music, send texts, or even make calls.

In another confusing development, CNBC reporter Arjun Kharpal pointed out that a recent tweet from Trump was still marked as sent from Android. This contradicts Scavino's statement that the President had been using his new iPhone for a few weeks. As time goes on we'll see how Trump and his administration balance national security and Twitter.