If watching the Rick and Morty season three premiere on April 1 got you so excited that you can't wait until summer for it to continue, then here's some good news: Adult Swim and Owlchemy Labs will release a virtual reality game featuring the alcoholic scientist and his slightly neurotic grandson next Thursday - April 20.

Yes, it's unlikely to be a coincidence that the release date for Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality falls on the unofficial "cannabis celebration" day - 4/20.

Rick and Morty's creator and voice actor Justin Roiland had a hand in the development and lent his vocal talents to the game, which comes from the same studio behind the excellent 'Job Simulator' virtual reality title.

Players take on the role of Morty and must complete puzzles and missions within Rick's garage, which is "filled with tons of stuff to play with. Chemistry sets and just boxes of things on the shelves. Elements from the show. It's fully crammed in there," Owlchemy Labs' Alex Schwartz told Polygon.

Those without an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift can still enjoy the pleasures of a Rick and Morty game (well, a mod) thanks to Jedidiah515's The Rick Sanchez (Rick and Morty) [Add-On] for GTAV.

The mod lets you control Rick and adds his repertoire of catchphrases to Rockstar Games' title. For that extra bit of Rick & Morty-ness, try combining it with the pre-existing mod that adds the spaceship from the show.

Check out both mods in the video below, courtesy of modded games. There's also a disturbing scene near the end that features clones of Rick strutting their stuff in a strip club to the tune of The Rick Dance.