It's been nearly two years since the world learned of the existence of an ultra-rare Nintendo PlayStation prototype. Originally thought by some to be an elaborate hoax, the console that captivated gaming historians ultimately proved to be authentic.

The only problem was that it wasn't in perfect health as the optical drive didn't work.

The system's owners, father and son duo Terry and Dan Diebold, eventually got connected with console modder Ben Heck who conducted a complete teardown of the system. Heck really knows his stuff and incredibly enough, he was recently able to repair the CD-ROM portion of the console.

With the optical drive once again functional, Heck ran into another "issue" in the fact that there aren't any actual games for the hardware. Instead, Heck had to turn to recently-created third-party titles that were made for an emulator such as Super Boss Gaiden. Nevertheless, it's exciting to see the CD drive working as intended.

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