Microsoft's attempt to break into the virtual reality market has thus far consisted of their Windows "mixed reality" headsets, a series of wearable VR devices that are being developed in partnership with companies like Dell, Asus, Lenovo and HP.

These headsets were initially available to pre-order back in May, but more recently HP and Acer versions of the headsets were available for developers to purchase (though, strangely, anybody could buy them).

However, Microsoft hasn't offered much information on what niche they're hoping to fill with these devices until now. Earlier today, Microsoft published a "holiday update" blog post that clears up a few of the questions surrounding the Mixed Reality project.

For starters, we now have a release window. Lenovo, HP, Dell and Acer versions of Microsoft's Windows Mixed Reality headsets are shipping out in time for the holidays with headset / controller bundles starting at $399 and "new PC models" (whatever that means) starting at $499.

Microsoft's main goal with their Mixed Reality devices is to make the platform affordable to all. Then again, $399 for a headset and its matching controllers really isn't all that affordable when compared to the competition. Oculus already offers their controller / headset bundle for the same price and the HTC Vive saw a recent price cut down to $599.

Regardless, Microsoft seems confident that they can make these devices work - even in the face of such stiff competition. To stand out further, Microsoft has mentioned that they're teaming up with an "incredible set of partners" to bring immersive VR experiences to their users. One such partner is 343 Industries, who Microsoft claims will help them bring future Halo titles into the realm of mixed reality.

Although Microsoft aims to create completely new VR content down the line, the company certainly isn't ignoring the many excellent VR titles that already exist. As such, all Windows Mixed Reality headsets will be capable of running existing Steam VR content.

If you want to grab a Windows Mixed Reality headset for yourself, check out the Microsoft Store or your local Best Buy later this year.