Capcom at this year’s Tokyo Game Show shared a new gameplay trailer for Not a Hero, one of two new pieces of downloadable content coming to Resident Evil 7 this holiday season.

Fans of the franchise will immediately recognize Not a Hero’s protagonist, S.T.A.R.S. task force member Chris Redfield. In the DLC, gamers will explore an abandoned mine under the Baker family mansion directly after the events of the main game. Capcom says it’ll offer a different take on survival horror.

The action is pretty tame for the first half of the clip but as you’ll see, things quickly turn south for Redfield.

Not a Hero launches on December 12 as a freebie alongside another piece of DLC, End of Zoe. There will also be a new Gold Edition that includes the base game, two previously released Banned Footage content packs and the End of Zoe pack.

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