With how popular smart home technology has become in recent years, it's unsurprising to see increased demand for simple, connected home security solutions. The ability to easily monitor and control your home's security remotely is certainly an appealing prospect - and one companies like Ring (best-known for their popular video doorbell) are ready to capitalize on.

In a clear bid to compete with Nest's recently-announced "Nest Secure" home security system (priced at $499), Ring has unveiled their own security bundle - appropriately named "Ring Protect."

Coming in at $199, the Protect bundle includes a keypad, 1 contact sensor, a base station, 1 motion detector and a range extender. These devices will be fully compatible with other Ring security products, including the company's above-mentioned video doorbells and its line of security cameras.

To eliminate the need to constantly keep an eye on the dedicated Ring app, Protect will automatically send you a mobile alert whenever one of your monitored doors or windows are opened - or whenever the system's motion sensor detects movement (no word on how the system handles pets, though).

If a simple mobile notification isn't enough, you can also choose to sign up for Ring's $10/month "Protect Plus" plan - which includes "24/7 professional monitoring" and free warning calls from Ring whenever an alarm is triggered.

The Protect bundle is currently available for pre-order from the Ring website and will be arriving at Best Buy and Home Depot locations later this month.