Modern smartphones face an interesting design challenge. As bezels are increasingly put on a diet, manufacturers are left to figure out what to do with handsets' front-facing cameras and ambient light sensors.

Thus far, the only solutions we've seen are to maintain a meaty top bezel or to implement a notch (one of the ugliest design decisions ever IMO). That is, until now.

Doogee through an exclusive unboxing with Arun Maini of YouTube channel Mrwhosetheboss has unveiled its solution to the problem. The prototype Doogee Mix 4 features a sliding 5.99-inch display that effectively allows for narrow bezels by hiding the front-facing camera. Unfortunately, the mechanical solution also hides the phone's ambient light sensor and earpiece speaker. Oops.

Aside from being a bit impractical, the phone presumably wouldn't be very comfortable to talk on. After all, who wants to have their ear pressed up against a sizable ridge? Then again, most people tuck their handsets away in cases that introduce similar ridges so maybe it wouldn't be all that bad?

Additionally, it's worth pointing out that a mechanical sliding screen would serve as a potential weak point that would eventually wear out over time. That may not be an issue for most who swap out phones every other year but for heavy users or those that hold on to smartphones for several years, it would be a concern.

The prototype is also a bit on the thick side at 11mm and interestingly enough, the prototype is shown with a fingerprint icon on the screen, suggesting it could feature an in-screen fingerprint reader.

Maini speculates that the Doogee Mix 4 could arrive by the end of the year although nothing has been confirmed as of yet.