As the end of Fortnite Season 3 draws near, developers are beginning to ramp up whatever mysterious event is going to occur pertaining the comet that has had players baffled, curious, and generally freaked out over the last several weeks.

It was only a couple of days ago that we pointed out how players were starting to see meteors streak across the sky before burning up. This led many players to believe that the looming comet was about to strike, which in turn led Fortnite devs to include a "doomsday cult" hangout on the top of one of the buildings in the latest update as a little inside joke.

Today the team is turning up the action as users are reporting meteors impacting with the ground. Many have even uploaded videos of the incidents.

Previously, the meteors, which some players believe to be debris from the tail of the comet, have been burning up before hitting the ground. Today though the falling rocks are making impacts. Although they don't seem to leave a crater, at least one battler caught one destroying a tree.

Nobody is sure what the comet is going to bring. The most popular theory is that it is going to take out Twisted Towers and change the map, but others think that it might be a spaceship or something else that will introduce a new enemy perhaps.

Epic has remained silent on the matter but did post some new artwork today that seems to support the idea that maybe the comet is bringing a superhero of some kind into the fold.

Earlier today developers announced Season 4 with a simple tweet that read: "Battle. Adapt. Win. Season 4 Coming Soon." Attached to the tweet was an image prominently featuring a stylized blazing comet. Within the tail of the comet can be seen what looks like someone wearing a superhero-like mask. Whether this will be a new enemy, avatar, costume, or other is anybody's guess.

In any event, it is pretty clear that something big is happening to herald in the new season and we only have a few days left to watch it all play out.