Steam's sales are big events where many look forward to spending money they don't have on games they probably won't play, but the company has never been one for revealing their start dates in advance. As per usual, information on the Steam Summer Sale has leaked online from another source, but for the first time in several years, it's not PayPal UK.

According to Steam Database, a website not affiliated with Valve that tracks changes in Steam's database, the Summer Sale begins on June 21. That's one day earlier than last year, and two days earlier than the 2016 Summer Sale.

There's no word on when the event will end, but the 2017 and 2016 sales finished on July 5 and July 4, respectively, so we can expect the end date to arrive sometime around then. If the sale takes place over the same number of days as last year, then it will go on until July 4.

E3 takes place the week before the sale, so we'll probably see discounts on many titles as people prepare for the arrival of new games shown off at the expo.

As usual, we can expect to see offers on big games both old and new, along with money off VR titles, indies, and Valve's hardware: the Steam Controller, Steam Link, and possibly the HTC Vive. With the sale just over six weeks away, it's time to start saving and making more storage space on your PC.