The big picture: Last week brought news that Samsung's foldable Galaxy X smartphone would launch next year and be priced at close to $2000. The company has been working on a flexible device for years, and we recently saw what's alleged to be one of its previous efforts.

Slashleaks reports that the images come from a Chinese Twitter user who claims this is Samsung's Project V, aka Project Valley, smartphone, which the company said would arrive in 2016. The poster claims the model number is SM-G929F, which matches the unreleased phone’s code from 2015.

Unlike the upcoming Galaxy X’s flexible OLED screen, this abandoned version looks very much like ZTE’s Axon M that launched last year. Both devices are essentially two displays attached together using a hinge. While it may sound like the design has potential, the Axom M received numerous poor reviews for being an “ergonomic nightmare,” as well as its inability to use both displays for one app, the poor battery and camera, and more.

Like so many things on the internet, there’s a chance that this could be a fake—perhaps photoshopped or something put together using old Samsung phones. Either way, its resemblance to the Axon M is undeniable, so it being a genuine, albeit canceled, product is not beyond the realms of possibility, though some of the images are a bit suspicious.

Samsung president of mobile, Koh Dong-jin, has confirmed that a bendable phone is coming, but we’ve heard no official word on release date or price.