If you're a fan of Microsoft's devices, you've probably heard of their Surface line of tablets, laptops, and laptop/tablet hybrids. In general, the devices have been well-received, due in no small part to their above-average build quality and impressive performance.

The trouble is, they're also quite expensive. As of writing, the cheapest Surface device is the Surface Pro, with a $959 price tag. While its internal hardware and solid construction seem to be worth the cost for many customers, those on a tighter budget haven't been able to break into Microsoft's device ecosystem yet.

That could be changing soon, however. Reports surfaced recently suggesting that Microsoft has been working on a budget, $400 Surface tablet. Now, we may have semi-official confirmation that the device is close to shipping out.

As WinFuture noticed, a smaller, lighter Surface device seems to have received FCC approval. Details about the device are incredibly scarce, and the FCC filing only references a "low-powered" charger.

However, earlier leaks may give a bit more insight into what Microsoft is working on. Bloomberg reported in May that the tech giant was attempting to compete with Apple by working on 10" Surface tablets with rounded edges and USB-C charging.

As nice as the concept of a budget-friendly Surface tablet sounds, Microsoft hasn't even confirmed its existence yet, so take this news – and previous leaks – with a grain of salt.