Why it matters: Nikon is a household name when discussing matters of photography but the company hasn't made much of a splash in the mirrorless interchangeable lens category. Two products rumored to be on the horizon, however, could change that.

Nikon is reportedly preparing to introduce a duo of mirrorless cameras that'll compete against established competition from the likes of Sony and Canon.

Nikon Rumors claims the cameras will shoot in the range of 25-megapixels and 45 to 48-megapixels, respectively, and assumes that both will be of the full-frame variety. They'll feature bodies similar in size to Sony's a7 camera albeit with improved ergonomics and a better grip.

The report further highlights a 5-axis in-body stabilization system, 9fps continuous shooting and a new 55mm mirrorless mount that'll allow for f/0.95 lenses. The cameras will support XQD and CF Express memory cards and initially, there will be three lenses announced: a 24-70mm, a 35mm prime and a 50mm prime. The two latter units will reportedly feature f/1.4 apertures.

Nikon is expected to announce the new cameras on or around July 23, we're told, and ship them out about a month later. The lower-resolution shooter will likely check in under the $3,000 mark with a kit lens while the higher resolution model could ding your wallet for around $4,000 when matched with the 24-70mm lens.

Canon is also said to be working on a pair of full-frame mirrorless cameras to launch before the middle of 2019, one with a 30.4-megapixel sensor and another with a lower megapixel count, perhaps around 24-megapixels.

Lead image from Nikon Rumors (via Broxibear)