Dedication: Fallout: New Vegas is approaching its 8th anniversary yet as runs like this highlight, the game still has a dedicated fan base. And really, we owe it all to platforms like Twitch and YouTube for fostering such a community. Without them, feats like this would go undocumented.

Fallout: New Vegas player Rhetam in March 2017 set out on a monumental challenge run to see if he could complete the NCR main quest path and every side quest on the hardest difficulty with hardcore mode and permadeath enabled, all without companions, without dying and without killing anyone (well, not technically, anyway).

After more than a year of trying, he finally achieved the self-imposed goal, recently sharing the final leg of the journey on YouTube.

The feat does come with a few caveats which some runners might take issue with. For example, Rhetam used boxing gloves, allowing him to knock people unconscious (but not kill them). He would also act as bait at times, luring enemies to nearby allies or other foes that would finish off the job for him. Still, he didn’t directly kill anyone himself.

Similar stunts have been accomplished in other games like Fallout 4.

Rhetam posted a summary with highlights of the achievement over on Reddit but if you’ve got the time and interest, you can check out the multi-episode run on YouTube.

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