The Pokemon Go craze may have died down some time ago, but that doesn't mean the game, or the AR genre at large, is dead.

As we reported back in March, Google swooped in to solve one of the main issues preventing mobile game devs from making their own Go-like titles - map data.

While Pokemon Go had the benefit of relying on developer Niantic's own private map information, other third-party developers who attempted to create similar titles had to rely on buggy, less-accurate alternatives.

Google's solution was simple: open up their Maps API to mobile game developers.

Developers were quick to take advantage of the new potential gold rush. One such developer is Next Games, the team behind The Walking Dead: Our World, a mobile spin-off of the popular TV show.

Whereas other AR games (such as Pokemon Go or Jurassic World Alive) rely on the standard "collect-'em-all" gameplay loop, Our World shakes the formula up. While you'll still be wandering from resource node to resource node (called "caches") to obtain collectibles, you won't be catching anything.

Instead, you'll stumble upon "infestations," with actual zombie encounters. That's right; Our World has combat. The game allows you to shoot at nearby zombies, whittling down their health bar. Unless you land a well-placed headshot, that is.

Instead of unlocking new Pokeballs or dinosaurs, Our World's progression system will give you access to better weapons and new allies, including characters from the Walking Dead TV show.

Naturally, as you'd expect from an AR game, you can play Our World with your friends, family, or even strangers for some cooperative zombie-killing action.

If you want to give the free app a whirl for yourself, it's available to Android users via the Google Play Store, and iOS users through the App Store.