Twitch is the source of quite a few internet memes, but oddly enough, the platform's streams themselves have never had one of the most popular meme formats out there - GIFs.

That's changing today, however. As part of its ongoing goal to expand the way viewers can interact with their favorite streamers, Twitch is adding an official GIPHY add-on to the platform.

With the add-on, users will be able to post PG-rated GIFs to a pre-determined portion of the screen, as dictated by a given streamer.

GIPHY, for the unaware, is one of the most popular GIF hosting websites on the internet - everything from short gameplay clips to memes makes its way to the platform.

At any rate, Twitch's definition of PG-rated GIFs prohibits sexual content, violence, and "lewd" terms. It's not clear how the platform will prevent that content from showing up on streams, though.

GIPHY gets dozens, if not hundreds, of new submissions on a daily basis, so it would probably be quite difficult to monitor them all before they're used on Twitch.

It's also tough to say precisely how much control streamers will have over this new feature, but it would make sense for them to be able to disable, or at least limit the feature's use if things get out of hand.

After all, constant on-screen GIFs could distract other users from the stream itself, driving away potential donators.

If you want to test out Twitch's new GIPHY integration for yourself, visit the official extension page and hit the "Install" button.