Streaming services are the hot new fad for the tech and entertainment industries, and DC has been the latest company to jump on the bandwagon. Back in July, DC Comics unveiled its own video streaming platform, appropriately dubbed "DC Universe."

Naturally, the announcement of yet another streaming service wouldn't have attracted much interest, so DC simultaneously unveiled "Titans," DC Universe's first exclusive show. Titans is set to be a live-action reboot of the popular animated series "Teen Titans."

Though DC didn't give us a launch date when it first unveiled DC Universe, we now know that the service will hit the web tomorrow, with an interesting feature we didn't know about before - comic book reading.

You read that correctly - DC Universe will feature both DC shows and movies, as well as an all-you-can-eat digital comic library. As far as I'm aware, this is the first time something like this has happened; popular platforms like Netflix and Hulu only ever offer video content, never ebooks.

At any rate, you can snag a subscription to the service before it launches for $7.99 per month, or $74.99 a year.

If you were an early adopter who "pre-ordered" a subscription, you can enjoy all the service has to offer right now via an early access period. All who pre-ordered an annual subscription will get three months of membership tacked on for free.

As interesting as DC Universe looks, many will probably only sign up to the service for Titans. Though the trailer we've seen so far was a bit lackluster, nostalgia is a powerful tool, and few shows are as nostalgic as Teen Titans.

With that said, the live-action reboot isn't dropping until October 12, so it may be best to save your subscription money until next month.