Recap: Back in 2017, Samsung said that it would be releasing a foldable smartphone in early 2018. Early 2018 came and went and rumor had it the phone would not see release until 2019. Then Samsung said it would be launching in November 2018, but that plan has now been nixed and we are back to looking at an early 2019 unveiling.

Last summer, we reported that Samsung's Galaxy X (aka Galaxy F) would not be hitting the market probably until 2019 based on information coming from investment firms. However, in September, Samsung CEO DJ Koh hinted that the company's upcoming foldable phone would be launching in November at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco.

"It's time to deliver," said Koh told CNBC.

Now it would seem that the Samsung's foldable is not even ready for unveiling in November, let alone release. According to UK-based tech site T3, Samsung is walking back its claim of a 2018 launch. It is now looking at "early 2019." This more realistic release date jives with what we have been reporting for months now.

Reasons for the delay are unclear. Forbes reported last month that leaks from suppliers seemed to indicate that mass production of the first generation of the Galaxy F would not be occurring this year. However, Koh admitted back in August that the company is committed to keeping the title of "world's first" folding smartphone.

Just because the phone will not be making an appearance at the Developer Conference, does not mean that we will not see a tease for the device. Samsung is likely ready to go with specs and features and may still deliver a glimpse of what to expect, but that's just speculation at this point as there is no official word whether the company is ready for a reveal or not.

The only thing that seems certain at this point is that the Galaxy F will be expensive and possibly a limited run. No official information on an MSRP has been leaked, but we pegged the price to be right around $1,800. If you are dying for one, it looks like you have at least a few more months to save.