WTF?! Since the launch of the Switch, it seems we have seen a lot of M-rated games coming to the hybrid console. Doom, Wolfenstein 2, and LA Noire are just a few of the mature titles to have come out. Nintendo has never out-right banned mature content on its platforms, but it used to be reasonably low-key about it.

Now it appears that the Switch will see its first ever adult title coming sometime next year. Japanese game publisher Prototype discreetly teased its intention to release Omega Vampire on the Switch platform. You may not have heard of it and for good reason.

For one, it's only available in Japan. In addition, the game is rated adults-only effectively banning it from typical outlets.

Now before you start getting all excited, there are a few of things that you should know.

First, like the PC version, the title is only slated for release in Japan. VNDB lists the launch date as 2019, but Gematsu reports that it is coming in the spring of next year. The PC version came out in December of 2016.

Furthermore, it probably is not your cup of tea anyway. Omega Vampire falls into the Yaoi-genre of Japanese fiction. Also known as "boys' love," Yaoi deals with homoerotic themes. So as you can imagine the game/interactive novel falls into a pretty small niche.

The PC version of Omega Vampire is pretty graphic and has many sexually explicit scenes. It is hard to imagine Nintendo greenlighting a port, even taking into account the many M-titles hitting the handheld. It is probable that the title will not be ported completely uncut. In fact, the Switch teaser page for the game states that it is not yet rated. So it's highly likely the game will be significantly edited.

Still, it's pretty incredible that Nintendo is seriously considering going with such content --- even if it is a highly edited version. What could be the motivation to publish such a niche title? Let us know what you think.