WTF?! Best-selling author James Patterson has a new book coming out in February called The Chef. However, before the book releases in its hardcover format, it will be available to read via Facebook Messenger.

The Chef is the story of Caleb Rooney; a New Orleans "police detective by day, celebrity food truck chef by night." With Mardi Gras on the way Rooney finds himself accused of murder while on duty with the police. The fugitive chef must uncover the clues and evidence that will exonerate him while finding out who was really behind the crime.

James Patterson is not one who is unfamiliar with online forms of storytelling. He was the first author ever to sell a million Kindle ebooks.

"Things have really changed in the digital space," Patterson said after his accomplishment. "With more and more people reading on iPads, Kindles, and Nooks, taking time to create interesting, user-friendly, enhanced ebook editions is becoming more and more important."

"Part book. part movie. All thriller. Get ready for a FREE interactive experience unlike anything you have ever seen before!"

Following up on his philosophy, Patterson is releasing The Chef as an interactive novel on the Facebook Messenger platform. Starting tomorrow, October 30, users will be able to search for "The Chef" in the Messenger app which will take them to the story.

Not only will they be able to read the novel, but they will also be able to interact with the characters. Pictures, videos, and sound clips will also be utilized to bring the story to life. Additionally, Facebook will be creating Instagram profiles for the major characters in the book. Chef Rooney's profile is already up.

"Exploring new ways to connect with fans is important to me and Messenger's experience for The Chef not only makes the story more accessible to readers across new generations but offers an enticing and thrilling read like never before," said Patterson.

The Chef Experience, as it is being called to distinguish it from the physical novel, starts posting tomorrow. A hardback version will be available February 18, 2019, for $28 from most booksellers.