Battlefield V may have been the first game to take advantage of Nvidia's impressive (but performance hungry) real-time ray tracing technology, but it certainly won't be the last.

At China's GPU and Technology Conference (GTC) this year, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang announced that popular Chinese MMO Justice will soon be receiving RTX-powered visuals, in addition to "performance-enhancing" DLSS technology. Alongside its announcement, Nvidia published a handful of game screenshots and a short in-engine video to give us a glimpse of the tech in action.

We'd have to get our hands on the game to say for sure, but the RTX improvements in Justice do seem to be significant. In-game shadows are much smoother, and lantern lighting accurately reflects off of a number of surfaces, including ground puddles, metallic armor, and even the waters of a canal.

In addition to improved reflections, Nvidia promises that Justice will be the first game to feature "real-time ray-traced caustic effects." The company says caustic effects can be seen when light rays are re-focused or scattered after hitting "reflective or refractive" surfaces. Upon doing so, the rays "create a new light source" that can cast its own shadows and illuminate nearby objects.

As beautiful as RTX makes Justice look, you can see some very noticeable framerate drops in the video above, particularly when there are several NPCs in the scene.

It's tough to say whether or not this is the fault of Nvidia's technology or just poor optimization on the part of Justice's developers. However, given the results of our recent Battlefield V RTX performance benchmarks, we wouldn't be surprised if it was the former.

Regardless, it's early days yet, and perhaps the performance gains Nvidia promises with Justice's DLSS implementation will make up for any FPS losses incurred by RTX.

If you've never heard of Justice before, don't fret too much. The game is only available in China right now, and its official website does not appear to have an English translation. From what we can gather, the game seems to be a 2.5D action-RPG MMO set in a Chinese-themed universe, but we don't know much beyond that.