Something to look forward to: Assassin's Creed Odyssey's first post-launch story arc is set to launch next week. Players will meet one of the first assassins and learn some new lore regarding the Assassin's Creed universe. It will release in three episodes with the following two coming early next year.

Ubisoft announced on Tuesday that the first of two planned Odyssey story arcs will begin in December. The DLC expansion is titled "Legacy of the First Blade." It will launch in three episodes --- "Hunted," "Shadow Heritage," and "Bloodline."

Legacy of the First Blade introduces Darius, one of the earliest assassins and the first to wield the hidden wrist blade. According to the lore, Darius assassinated the Persian king Xerxes.

In addition to the new narrative, players will gain access to new abilities and gear. It will also include naval combat and new enemies. The DLC will introduce some new lore as well.

It is hard to tell whether Darius will be a friend or foe. The beginning of the announce trailer (above) has him battling with Alexios, but it doesn't reveal more about their relationship other than that.

Hunted will launch on December 4. Shadow Heritage and Bloodline will follow it up in early 2019. The second story arc titled "The Fate of Atlantis" will be coming sometime later in 2019. This second expansion will take players on a quest to save the lost city of Atlantis. It will also introduce a bit of Greek mythology.

Both story arcs will be available for Season Pass holders. If you haven't already grabbed the Season Pass, you can still pick one up for about $40. In addition to the two expansions, it also grants you access to the 4K remasters of Assassin's Creed III and Assassin's Creed Liberation. These reboots were originally planned to launch with Odyssey, but have been pushed back to March 2019.