The big picture: Netflix is trying something new with Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, dipping its toes further into the art of interactive storytelling. Is this the future of entertainment or just a gimmicky tactic to generate some headlines?

Netflix's new interactive film, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, dropped last Friday. The choose-your-own-adventure flick is loaded with alternate endings and Easter eggs including the ability to play one of the games featured in the show.

Nohzdyve (pronounced "Nosedive," also the name of an earlier Black Mirror episode) is available to download and play right now, so long as you have a ZX Spectrum emulator like Fuse or Speccy. You can grab the necessary .tap file over on the website for the fictional Tuckersoft website (but only if you visit the site with the www. prefix in place; doing so without the prefix will take you to an alternate reality version of the site).

It's a fitting Easter egg considering the film deals with alternate timelines and realities.

If you haven't yet watched (er, played) Bandersnatch, you'll probably want to stop reading now (spoiler alert).

For those familiar with the show, you likely know that there are multiple pathways leading to a variety of endings. Reddit sleuths have been studying every intricacy of Bandersnatch, working out the various decisions and paths they lead to. Full details can be found in this running thread, or you can jump right into this flow chart for a bit more guidance.