WTF?! Would you be prepared to pay $20 to view online porn? And how would you feel about that money funding, among other things, a border wall? This unusual scenario has been proposed by an Arizona state lawmaker, who wants makers and distributors of internet-connected devices to ensure they come with pornography-blocking software.

Rep. Gail Griffin, R-Hereford, introduced House Bill 2444 this week. It would require devices such as computers and phones to come with software "that renders a website that displays obscene material inaccessible by default."

Fans of xHamster and PornHub who want their fix would not only need to hand over $20 to the Arizona Commerce Authority, but also submit a request to the device distributor and provide proof that they are aged 18 or over. Additionally, retailers could ask for an additional fee on top of the twenty bucks.

That $20 would establish the "John McCain Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Fund," which will fund several programs through grants. The first of the ten initiatives is the building of the border wall. Here's the full list (via Gizmodo):

1. Build a border wall between Mexico and this state or fund border security.

2. Provide physical and mental health services.

3. Provide temporary and permanent housing placements.

4. Assist victims in employment placement, education and employment training.

5. Prevent and protect victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, prostitution, divorce, child abuse and sexual assault.

6. Assist school districts.

7. Compensate crime victims.

8. Fund shelters and dream centers.

9. Pay for family counseling and rehabilitation.

10. Assist law enforcement.

Websites that allow access to prostitution and revenge porn will also be blocked and retailers must create a way for people to report any obscene material that the filter misses. Failure to block these reported cases within a reasonable time will result in a fine of $500 per site for the distributor.

The bill requires at least a two-thirds majority of the State House and State Senate to pass. Phoenix's Fox 10 reports that Griffin is its only sponsor.

Main image credit: Chess Ocampo via Shutterstock