A hot potato: Marvel frames the abandonments as Netflix's decision although the accuracy of that claim is up for debate. It's probably a safe bet that Disney's upcoming streaming platform had a lot to do with these developments.

Netflix's five-year relationship with Marvel is coming to an end. On Monday, the streaming giant confirmed to Deadline that its two remaining series from the comic book company have a definitive end date.

The Punisher has been canceled and will not return for a third season, Netflix said. Season two premiered exactly one month ago on January 18. Season three of Jessica Jones will be released on Netflix sometime this year and serve as the series' final season, we're told.

If you recall, Daredevil was canned last November. Iron Fist was canceled on October 12, 2018, after two seasons. A week later, Luke Cage also got the axe after two seasons.

Netflix said it was grateful to Marvel for five years and thanked their passionate fans who followed these series from the beginning.

Curiously enough, Marvel included the following line in its statement to Deadline:

"Our network partner may have decided they no longer want to continue telling the tales of these great characters... but you know Marvel better than that."

Many believe the cancellations have more to do with the launch of Disney's upcoming streaming service due out later this year. It's possible that we could see the continuation of these series on that platform although it'd probably be a few years before that could legally happen.